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Hadham Motor Company

MOT only £35 with FREE retest

Your friendly garage for MOT's, servicing and repairs

Proprietor: Alan Wilson


The MOT is being updated to reflect the improvements in newer vehicles. The MOT now include tow bar wiring, air bag systems, the protective gaiters on steering and suspension ball joints, fuel pipes and hoses, power steering pipes and hoses, tyre pressure monitoring systems, speedometer illumination, the condition of the drivers seat adjustment mechanism, DPF filters, and door hinges amongst other items.

Possibly the one likely to cause most problems will be the air bag or SRS (safety restraint system). If your air bag warning light is on your car will fail it's test. We can in most cases diagnose the fault and offer a remedy. This will involve the using a diagnostic computer and will incur an additional charge.

Brake imbalance is now applied to rear wheels and front wheels. For vehicles with single line brakes imbalance also applies to the hand brake. 

The service brake efficiency requirement for newer vehicles (post 2010) has been enhanced from 50% to 58%. 

From February 2014 we will be required to check for the presence of a DPF (diesel particulate filter). A missing DPF, where one was fitted when the vehicle was built, will result in an MOT failure.